Hyzer Flip

Hyzer Flip Ep. 5 - Leah Tsinajinnie

August 28, 2020

On this episode of Hyzer Flip we're joined by Leah Tsinajinnie. Leah has been playing ultimate at the highest level for years, most recently for Atlanta Ozone and Atlanta Soul. She has also won two USAU Club National Championships while playing for DC Scandal. However, most recently Leah has been competing professionally at disc golf tournaments all around the country! What's even more impressive is that Leah didn't start playing disc golf until JUST A FEW MONTHS AGO! Take a listen to learn about Leah's journey into disc golf, her future goals in both sports, and also what discs she's been using to compete! 


You can follow Leah on instagram @leahtsinajinnie and on twitter @theTisSilent


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